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Ativan Review

ativanAtivan is the brand name of the prescription drug, Lorazepam. Among the uses for which it has been approved by the FDA is the management of anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, as well as some cases of insomnia. This product is not available without a prescription, so a licensed doctor will need to examine the patient before he or she can obtain it.

Ativan is a derivative of benzodiazepine. How this drug works within the body has not yet been determined by scientists, but it does seem to have a therapeutic effect that many patients find very helpful. The leading hypothesis regarding the function of this drug is that it impacts the sodium channels of the body.

Like all prescription drugs, there are potential side effects associated with the use of Ativan. Most commonly, they include drowsiness, fatigue, headaches, nausea, tremors, involuntary movements, vision blurring, palpitations, and urinary retention. While using Ativan, especially early on, it is important to keep regular doctor’s appointments so that the prescribing professional can carefully monitor your reactions and progress. This will help to ensure that the proper dosing has been achieved and that Ativan is indeed the proper drug option. Users are advised to report all experiences of side effects to their doctors so that they may decide together whether Ativan is the right choice.

Ativan is not intended for individuals who have heart disease, nor should it be combined with many other forms of antidepressants or alcohol, as exaggerated results may occur. This drug is not meant to be used on the long term as there is a risk of addiction. The majority of doctors prescribe this drug only when short-term use is intended. Short-term use is desirable for most patients, as well, as it is rather costly.

Ativan has been found to be very useful by many patients, and yet others desire a less expensive and less “harsh” drug to use in their bodies. As a prescription drug, it is a much stronger option than many of the over-the-counter or herbal options currently available. As there are many potential side effects to this drug and the way that its ingredients function in the body remains unknown, it is often recommended that an individual should begin with gentler options before beginning to run up their pharmaceutical bills with prescription-strength medications. This as well as therapy or counseling should be carefully considered with a doctor before filling a prescription for Ativan.

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