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Phentermine Side Effects

Many people think that when you get a drug from a doctor’s office, it’s not going to have any side effects.  After all, a drug that you get from a doctor is safe and it’s always going to help you, not harm you, right?  The truth is that all medications have some chance of side effects.  While the FDA tries to test all of the prescriptions on the market to ensure their safety, everyone’s body chemistry is different and everyone will interact differently with the drugs they take.  Though you might not experience any side effects with Phentermine, there are side effects you need to be aware of before you pick this prescription up at your local pharmacy.

Phentermine Minor Side Effects

For most people who take Phentermine, the side effects of this prescription will be minimal.  They might experience these side effects during the first few days of the drug, but then the side effects will dissipate.  Some of the most common side effects for Phentermine include dizziness and vertigo, impotence, nervousness, dry mouth, insomnia, stomach upset, including nausea, diarrhea, and constipation, jitters, changes in libido, and hyperactivity and grandiose feelings.  Many people who take Phentermine feel as though they can do anything and that they are not able to settle down until they tackle their To Do list.  But while this sounds appealing to some people, this over-active state is exhausting,   However, the possibility of not being able to sleep because of the Phentermine can be problematic in terms of resolving your exhaustion.

Phentermine Major Side Effects

Those who are taking Phentermine may also have more serious side effects which warrant the help of an emergency medical team or your doctor, depending on the severity.  Some of the severe reactions include troubles breathing, tightness in the chest, itching, a rash, hives, and swelling of the mouth, lips, or the tongue.  When these happen, you need to get to a doctor as quickly as possible or you might stop breathing.  Others who have had severe reactions to Phentermine have experienced troubles with a heartbeat that’s too fast, swelling of the legs, shortness of breath, fainting, chest pain, and tremors.  If any of these effects take place, you need to get to the nearest ER or call 911.

Phentermine Drug Interactions

In addition to having numerous side effects, Phentermine 37.5 also can interact with prescriptions and some herbal supplements.  You will want to disclose all of the medications you are taking before you begin a regimen of Phentermine.  Those who are taking medications for heart conditions or high blood pressure will not be able to take Phentermine as the combination can cause the heart to beat too quickly and the blood pressure can increase to unsafe levels.  In addition, those who are on anti-depressant medications as well as other mood stabilizing medications should not take Phentermine.  This also includes herbal mood medications like St. John’s Wort.  The combination of the medications can be lethal.

If you’re worried about side effects and about drug interactions, you may want to try the safer (and still effective) Phentramin-d tablets.  These pills are just like Phentermine, but don’t require a prescription.

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