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Hoodia Diet-Max Review

Hoodia Diet-Max is a product that is marketed as an appetite suppressant featuring the much hyped ingredient, hoodia gordonii. This being said, by taking a careful look at the product, it is clear that it is among the many weight loss pills out there that are jumping on board the hoodia hype but that actually don’t contain very much of the ingredient at all.

The ingredients in Hoodia Diet-Max are Hoodia Gordonii, Guarana (seed), Gymnema Sylvestra, Phosphatidyl serene 20%, and Chromium Polynicotinate. This being said, it contains only 25 milligrams of hoodia gordonii. In the diet supplement marketplace, those pills advertising themselves as being products that feature hoodia will generally contain 400 milligrams or more.

Hoodia gordonii has received a massive amount of media attention as being an appetite suppressant that has been traditionally used by tribe people in South Africa. There has been a great deal of clinical research and medical trials spanning the past few decades without any conclusive results as to its efficacy regarding weight loss. There have been an extremely small number of results that have indicated that a reduced daily caloric intake is the outcome of using a product containing hoodia. That being said, even if the ingredient had rave reviews, there is so little of it contained in Hoodia Diet-Max that it really wouldn’t matter.

Looking at the other ingredients, the only thing that has been shown to have any impact on weight loss at all is the guarana. This is simply because it is a very strong stimulant. Depending on its concentration, it can help to give the metabolism a slight boost. That being said, it also runs a very high risk of stimulant-related side effects such as sleeplessness, anxiety, jitters, nervousness, and headaches.

Most products containing hoodia are quite expensive, as the ingredient is a costly one. Often, they will cost $50 per bottle or more. In the case of Hoodia Diet-Max, at the time of this review, it was found at an online sale price of $9.90, though it looks like the standard price is around twice that amount. This being said, the reason for its low cost is likely because of its low quantity of hoodia.

Even at the very low price for which Hoodia Diet-Max is available, this review does not find the product to be worth the cost, as it does not contain any ingredients that appear to have any more scientifically proven efficacy for losing weight than an energy drink. Buy Diet Pills That Work at Phenblue.com

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