CholestOff Original Reviews

CholestOff Original ReviewCholestOff Original is a dietary supplement from Nature Made. The purpose of this supplement is to help reduce the risk of heart disease and it is meant to be taken in conjunction with a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

When this CholestOff Original review was written, the formula (2 capsule serving size) was composed of the following: Calcium (260 mg), Sodium (15 mg), and Plant Sterols/Stanols (900 mg).

The ingredients within the Plan Sterols/Stanols (Pine Tree) include: Calcium Carbonate, Tribasic Calcium Phosphate, Croscarmellouse Sodium, Hydroxypropyl Methylcelluose, Silicon Dixoide, Magnesium Sterarate, Color Added, Polyothylene Glycol, Triothyl Citrate, Polysorabe 80 .

According to the official product page, the propriety blend of plant sterol and stanols work to help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. This is achieved by lowering the absorption of dietary cholesterol into the bloodstream.

The page further points out that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Guidelines recommends individuals to consume 2,000 mg of plant sterols and stanols as part of a therapeutic diet to help reduce cholesterol. That being said, the majority of Americans reportedly consume only 200 mg through their diet, which is way below the recommended amount.

As for chromium, it may be possibly effective for lowering LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol levels in people who have slightly elevated cholesterol levels.

The suggested use for CholestOff Original is to take 2 caplets two times daily with meals. It is recommenced that you take the caplets with water before and during ingestion to make swallowing easier.

All that being said, you should know that if you have high cholesterol or have reason to believe (or are worried) that you might have high cholesterol, this is something that you should address with your doctor before you take supplements to manage or treat your present or possible condition.

High cholesterol is something that you should take very seriously and is definitely something that you should discuss with your doctor. Depending on the severity of your condition, you may require other treatments. It is always best to consult with your healthcare provider to find out what the best type of treatment is for your particular needs and lifestyle.

Even if you would rather take herbal dietary supplements, such as CholestOff Original, instead of prescription drugs, it is important to communicate this preference to your doctor.

All that being said, definitely speak with your doctor prior to taking CholestOff if you are a pregnant or nursing mother, have an existing health condition or are currently taking any medications.

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