Diabetes Medications

Whether you’ve been facing diabetes for a while or you’ve just recently been diagnosed, you already know your life is going to change forever. While diabetes seems to be more common these days, this does not make it any less dangerous or difficult for the person who suffers from it. When you have diabetes, you need to watch your blood sugar levels at all times or else you can suffer from permanent and long term side effects. The more you know about diabetes and diabetes medications today, the more you will be able to manage this condition.

Types of Diabetes

There are many reasons why a person might have diabetes. For some, they’ve had it since birth as a genetic condition, called Type I Diabetes or juvenile Diabetes. This is a condition that will follow them for the rest of their lives, requiring insulin injections and possibly other diabetes medications.

Those who contract diabetes later in life have Type II Diabetes or Diabetes mellitus. If you don’t currently have diabetes, you might put yourself at risk of developing it later in life if you are overweight or if you consume a diet high in carbohydrates and sugar. Those who cause their body to work too hard to deal with excessive amounts of carbohydrates and sugar can cause chronically high levels of insulin in the body, which can lead to insulin resistance and Type II Diabetes.

Types of Diabetes Medications

The type of diabetes medication you take will depend on what type of diabetes you suffer from. For people with Type I Diabetes, their condition requires daily insulin injections and perhaps the use of prescription medications to control blood sugar levels. People with Type II Diabetes may be able to manage this condition with diet alone, or they may opt to take either prescription or non-prescription diabetes medications, depending on the severity of their symptoms.


Diabetes Medication Reviews


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