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Direct Health Pharmacy provides comprehensive reviews of hundreds of types of health products. Health products reviewed include weight loss pills, dietary supplements, cholesterol medications, erectile dysfunction medications and more. If you are looking to find the best health medications, then Direct Health Pharmacy's health product reviews are the perfect place to start.

All health product reviews take into consideration of a number of different factors. These factors include a scientific evaluation of the ingredients found within the products, their expected effectiveness and their potential for causing side effects. The health product reviews also discuss any evidence of poor business practices by the companies selling these products, such as misleading advertising and ordering scams, such as false free trials and memberships.

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Relacore Extra Reviews

Relacore Extra review

Relacore Extra claims to help a dieter to help lose belly fat that is caused by stress.

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Lean Xtreme Reviews

Lean Xtreme reviews

Lean Xtreme is a weight loss pill that promises to help you get lean faster than would be possible with diet and exercise alone.

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Pure Slim 1000 Reviews

Pure Slim 1000 reviews

Pure Slim 1000 is a liquid diet drop that contains a large amount of ingredients.

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Weider Fat Burners Review

Weider Fat Burners review

Weider Fat Burners is a diet product that is marketed towards bodybuilders, with famous bodybuilder, Joe Weider behind the brand.

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Slimplex Reviews

Slimplex reviews

Slimplex is a diet pill that contains the unproven ingredients raspberry ketone, acai and green coffee.

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Simply Garcinia Reviews

Simply Garcinia reviews

Simply Garcinia is a product formulated with the ingredient, Garcinia Cambogia.

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Nuvoryn Reviews

Nuvoryn reviews

Nuvoryn is a weight loss product that uses green tea as the main ingredient. It also includes several other stimulants.

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Lipozin Reviews

Lipozin reviews

Lipozin is a weight loss pill and fat burner that claims to have a 95% success rate.

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Avilean Reviews

Avilean review

Avilean diet pills are made up of a combination of popular weight loss ingredients including African mango,raspberry ketones,caffeine, and green tea.

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Probioslim Reviews

Probioslim reviews

Probioslim is a weight loss product that has received quite a few complaints about customers being automatically enrolled in a monthly supply when offered a free trial.

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