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Direct Health Pharmacy provides comprehensive reviews of hundreds of types of health products. Health products reviewed include weight loss pills, dietary supplements, cholesterol medications, erectile dysfunction medications and more. If you are looking to find the best health medications, then Direct Health Pharmacy's health product reviews are the perfect place to start.

All health product reviews take into consideration of a number of different factors. These factors include a scientific evaluation of the ingredients found within the products, their expected effectiveness and their potential for causing side effects. The health product reviews also discuss any evidence of poor business practices by the companies selling these products, such as misleading advertising and ordering scams, such as false free trials and memberships.

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Dietrim Reviews

Dietrim reviews

Dietrim is a weight loss product that has been formulated with CLA plus vitamins and minerals. Find out if this combination can help you lose weight.

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Grenade Fat Burner Reviews

Grenade Fat Burner review

Grenade Fat Burner is a weight loss product packaged in a bottle that is shaped like a grenade. Find out if it’s as powerful as the packaging suggests.

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IC-5 Reviews

IC-5 review

IC-5 is marketed as a carb blocker that regulates blood sugar levels and promotes lean muscle mass. Find out whether it really does this.

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Slendatrim Reviews

Slendatrim review

Slendatrim is a diet pill that claims to work by suppressing the appetite and increase energy for better fat burning. Find out if the claims are

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Carb-Ease Plus Reviews

Carb-Ease Plus reviews

Carb-Ease Plus is a weight loss product that claims to block carbs to prevent the body from absorbing some calories in food. Find out if it really

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Slim Fruits Reviews

Slim Fruits reviews

Slim Fruits are chews that contain fiber, claiming to help you lose weight. Find out if it really works for weight

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T5 Fat Burner Patches Reviews

T5 Fat Burner Patches review

T5 Fat Burner Patches claim to help you burn more fat simply by sticking something on your skin. Find out if there is any truth to this.

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Dynamic Body Shaper Diet & Energy Reviews

Dynamic Body Shaper Diet & Energy Reviews

Are Dynamic Body Shaper Diet & Energy pills right for you? Find out more about this product’s effectiveness and safety before you

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Liposinol Reviews

Liposinol reviews

Liposinol is a weight loss product formulated for the purpose of helping dieters eliminate stubborn fat from their bodies. Find out if it works here.

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Kinetica Thermo 5 Reviews

Kinetica Thermo 5 review

Kinetica Thermo 5 is a supplement that claims to provide dieters with 5 stages of benefits – thermogenic, metabolic, hormonal, enzyme, and antioxidant support.

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